Recently Asked Questions Regarding The Housing Site Suggestion Map

We’ve received several great questions about the community suggested sites and wanted to address those.

Does a suggested site automatically become a future housing site? The answer is: No. Only sites that meet State established criteria could be considered a potential Housing Element site. One of the criteria is development viability, such as (but not limited to) the willingness of the property owner to potentially develop future housing on it. For example, a suggestion to develop HOA-owned open space may not be viable if the HOA does not support it.

Can the list of the sites be downloaded? The answer is two-fold. In a few months, a list of all suggested sites and a determination of whether they meet State criteria will be made available. In the meantime, all sites suggested by the public can be viewed by clicking on the Housing Site Suggestion Map located at

What’s next? Town staff is currently evaluating all suggested sites against the State criteria. All qualified sites suggested by the public and those carried over from prior housing elements will be featured on an online Housing Plan Simulation tool. Through this tool, community members can create and recommend their own ‘housing plan’ with assigned units and densities on various sites. Look for this tool - and workshops on how to use it - in June 2022.

Please feel free to ask questions by either posting in the Question & Comments section of the project page or by emailing

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