Town of Danville Publishes Housing Element Update DRAFT Environmental Impact Report for Public Comment

The Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (DPEIR) related to the Town’s draft 2023-2031 Housing Element is now available for public review. The DPEIR studies potential environmental impacts related to the implementation of the Housing Element, which includes potential General Plan land use amendment to provide for the Town’s assigned Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RNNA) as required under State Law. The public review period for the DPEIR runs from September 13, 2022 ,through October 28, 2022. A public hearing will be held by the Planning Commission on September 27, 2022, to allow for oral comments on the adequacy of the DPEIR. Any comments you may have may be forwarded to David Crompton, Chief of Planning at . All comments received will be responded to in writing as part of the Final EIR which will be prepared at the end of the public review period.

View Appendix A- NOP (PDF)

View Appendix B- Air Quality and GHG (PDF)

View Appendix C- Biological Resources (PDF)

View Appendix C- Aquatics Resources (PDF)

View Appendix D- Hydrology Memo (PDF)

View Appendix E- Noise and Vibration (PDF)

View Appendix F- VMT (PDF)

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